We adopted Zuzu, our first little Moocher, in 2008. She is an American Staffordshire Terrier, and she was returned because the original owners did not like the color of her fur. By the way we love her color and so do the many people that she has met over the years.

Two years later we got our second Moocher, because one Moocher is just not enough! His name is Clyde, and he is Zuzu’s brother. You can see the two of them as puppies right next to each other in the photo on our About Us page and they are as inseparable now as they were then. He was also returned by the original owner, and we jumped at the chance to bring him into our pack.

Both Zuzu and Clyde love to kayak, hike along the American River, go camping, wine tasting and meeting new friends.  Life was great for both Zuzu and Clyde. 

Then Zuzu began suffering from allergies.  An incredible problem for many pets and not a lot of solutions for pet owners.  We struggled at first with numerous vet visits, medications, and allergy testing but when Doctors wanted to prescribe steroids, we said enough was enough!  There had to be a better way.

Then it occurred to us that Zuzu’s allergies might be related to her diet.  We don’t eat processed food and all of our meals are homemade using fresh ingredients so why not feed our Moochers food made with the same quality ingredients that we eat?

Almost immediately we noticed a difference. Their coats improved, their energy levels were great and Zuzu’s skin condition improved considerably. It may sound funny to say but we also noticed that their poop got better. You know the old computer saying “garbage in, garbage out” well it applies to dogs as well.

Cooking our own meals for both Zuzu and Clyde was important and a great start.  But what about treats?  Why not make our own treats too?  So, we came up with flavors that Zuzu and Clyde loved!  We then shared them with friends and family and their dogs loved them too.  And Moochies for Moochers® began to offer treats for everyone who loved their pets as much as we do.

Moochies for Moochers® is committed to providing tasty, nutritious treats for your loved ones.  We believe that everyone is entitled to a healthier and happier pet!